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Freddy Roosevelt
Posted Jul 04 - Read on Facebook

The more and more I prototype in framer studio, it really lets me know how technology is really moving forward and making life as a Coder easier. Example: I decided to do a ui search vc prototype today and it only took about 15 mins to do. Me knowing the process of sketching an idea out before would take me 10 mins to think of how I want to sketch it, another 10 mins drawing the sketch then go in Xcode and work on it (which will take about 30 mins in coding then designing it). Total time about an hr. Now why is this 10mins in framer so important? B/c now I won't waste time! if I don't like how it looks or feel by prototyping, I can just make any changes I need to before I take my idea into Xcode. As we all know time is important and time wasted can never be given back.


Jordan Robert Dobson

So true.

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