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Ilie Ciorba
Posted Jul 03 - Read on Facebook

After updating Framer I have this issue of having my prototype perfectly centered when next to code and completely misaligned when in presentation mode.

It's not a particular layer that's misaligned, but the whole prototype.
Anyboby else had this? :(


Jonas Treub

This is actually the first time I hear about this issue since shipping the update last week. What version of OSX are you running? What happens when you refresh while in presentation mode? If there are more people having this issue let us know.

Stefan Hvlmnns

i registerd that when i mix framer generated layers with imported ones. A refresh fixed if for me tho

Ilie Ciorba

I'm running 10.10.4. It goes back to normal when refreshed in presentation mode.
I haven't used the importer for anything, just few images that I dragged and dropped.

Jonas Treub

Ok. I see, we decided to only recenter the device and not reload the prototype when the screen size changes. You can get the automatic refresh with these two lines of code:

window.onresize = ->

Jonas Treub

The last line needs to be indented. Facebook does not allow tabs

Ilie Ciorba

Jonas, yay! With a tiny delay, but works!

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