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Andy Cetnarskyj
Posted Jul 30 - Read on Facebook

Noticed that the pixate group has shutdown and moved to slack. I use this for remote work and it is excellent.

Any chance of framer doing the same, easier to find and bookmark things than facebook


Paul Matthijs

Yes please!

Kevin Cannon

1. Framer has a slack chat room already :)
2. Slack is not very good for threaded conversations i've found. Seems better for real time

Jon Gold

Slack is great but gets verrrrry expensive for big communities if you want archives. + sucks for threads

Mike Stężycki

I kinda dig the Facebook page. I like getting updates when people post links and stuff.

Arron J Hunt

Kevin how do we get an invite to the slack group?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I wouldn't say it's hard to find or bookmark things on Facebook. What makes you say that?

Andy Cetnarskyj

What is the slack chat room?

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