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Chris Camargo
Posted Jul 02 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to "transfer" momentum from one draggable object to another?

I have a content layer inside of a ScrollComponent. The ScrollComponent is inside of a layer.draggable.

- layer.draggable
-- ScrollComponent
--- content

When I throw my layer.draggable up, and it reaches the top of its bounds, I want to transfer any remaining momentum to the ScrollComponent inside, while also enforcing the ScrollComponent's scroll limits and bounce effect.

Can this be accomplished? Happy to post a low fidelity example if this question isn't clear.


Jordan Robert Dobson

This may give you some insight on some techniques...

Chris Camargo

I feel like the difficult part here is not just applying an animation using the velocity of my layer.draggable, but also ensuring that the content layer respects the bounds of the ScrollComponent... this is proving tricky.

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