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Anton Jarl
Posted Jul 01 - Read on Facebook

With the scrollComponent, do I need to do anything special to make it NOT scroll back to the top? I have checked examples but I see nothing in the code the differs from my prototype. Do I need to add something else except to wrap my Sketchlayer in a ScrollComponent?


Balraj Chana

Hey Anton, can you share your Framer file? Are you using an artboard? If so you'll need to remove it wrap your contents in a group. Also make sure your group structure looks similar to the scrollable template shown here:

Anton Jarl

It worked now. Setting up my Sketch file to use the underlying layer as a mask to the scrollable content was the key. Thanks Balraj Chana!

Koen Bok
Anton Jarl

Koen Bok Cool!

Daniel Lee

Hey guys What is a similar masking set up in photoshop to achieve the same results as using the underlying layer for a mask in sketch. Sorry I have been using Form as a prototyping tool at work for a while but realize FramerJs is much more flexible. So trying to integrate Framer into my workflow but we use photoshop not sketch.

Anton Jarl

Hi, I haven't used Photoshop in ages and I don't remember how to do it by the menu but the shortcut in Photoshop in Windows was to hold down Alt and clicking between the two layers you want to be mask/masked. You should see the top layer getting intended in the layer panel...

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