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Adam Deher
Posted Jul 01 - Read on Facebook

New to framer and coffee script, and am trying to wrap my head around the PageComponent. I can't seem to get the pages to transition from one to the next when clicking on an object in one of the pages.

I am not getting any errors and the developers I am working with say everything is structurally correct. I don't think it is a scoping issue since I can access the properties of the page from within my function.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Link to working file:


Adam Deher

much appreciated Rory. Will dig around there.

Raphaël de Courville

Add a utils.delay(0) before the snapToPage() function. Writing the functions names from memory here but the idea is that the PageComponent has its own snapToPage() that gets called last and cancels yours.

Chris Camargo
Raphaël de Courville

This is confusing many of us. Could a note be added to the documentation/tutorial about it?

Adam Deher

This worked for me. Thanks so much everyone for the help. You just saved my first client presentation tomorrow.

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