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Ryan Gambles
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

How would everyone suggest the best way to add "hardware" buttons outside the screen canvas? I'm prototyping a custom wearable device, and some of the functionality requires interacting with buttons not on the screen.

Is there a best practice for doing something like this?


Ryan Gambles

More sleuthing and I found that, unsurprisingly, this question has already been asked and answered well. Best technique seems to be method #1 here:

Stephen Crowley

Hope you can share what you got cook'n Ryan Betts - interested to see :)

Ryan Gambles

I'll see what pieces I can carve off to share publicly. So far, just getting my feet wet. First day with Framer JS. Pretty sure I'll develop a module or two that'll be of interest to the rest of you :)

Stephen Crowley

Awesome! Welcome to the community.

Jorn van Dijk

Welcome Ryan!

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