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Mathijs Kadijk
Posted Jul 02 - Read on Facebook

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a FramerJS Swift/ObjC library to do animations with or at least get the correct timings. Since Framer itself is written in ObjC/Swift it would be awesome if the animation timings would be officially supported by Framer itself. This would speed up development and make things a lot easier.

Is there anything like this or is it an idea to create something like it?


Jonas Treub

Apple's implementation of animation is very different from Framer so unfortunately we can't use those to map the Framer animations. The Facebook Pop framework (among others), comes way closer. It uses the same kind of spring physic animations though the input can not be mapped 1 on 1 either. We are aware about the value this feature would have for fellow developers. It's on our list.

Kevin Cannon

Yea, some translation would be immensely useful. Like what does for measurements.

Mathijs Kadijk

Yeah, so that's exactly why I think Framer should provide a lib or something helping devs. Now my UX designer creates awesome animations and then I have to explain him how hard they are to implement on iOS.

Good to know it's on the list! :)

Taco Ekkel

+1 on this since Framer-to-iOS is such a common/obvious path. How do others do this?

Chris Camargo

FramerJS is not written in ObjC/Swift. It's written in CoffeeScript.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I for one would love to see this as well or even just a recommendation of an animation library to use in iOS that maps to ones similar in framer.

Jordan Robert Dobson

With that said I generally don't rely too much on the exact spring animation I did in framer and just tighten it up in xCode.

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