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Gregory Futureboy
Posted Jun 29 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,
I'm an absolute newbie in the web/ios developer world, and was wondering if the time spent learning Framer was "well-spent". I can't find if the code used in Framer can be exported in Xcode, or if coffeescript (I believe that's the js code used in framer) is only useful for the prototype, and not the actual final development. Can anyone let me know if we can just copy/paste the Framer code to the final development, or if there are other steps in-between a superb prototype and the final coding.
Thank you so much,
Have a great day


Mike Feldstein

You can't copy and paste but learning is learning. You'll learn a lot in framer that you can take to iOS.

Gregory Futureboy

Thx, totally agree with you, as long as we can take some knowledge to iOS, its great. Cheers

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