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Koen Bok
Posted Jul 24 - Read on Facebook

I'm happy to announce our biggest update yet: Layer Inspector

At times, it could be hard to figure out what exactly was happening in your prototype. Until today. A layer panel on the left side of the preview lets you inspect the size and position of every layer. We also updated the look and feel of the editor, and fixed a ton of smaller bugs. We hope you enjoy this release!


Chris Camargo

Yeeeeeah boyeeeeee!

Koen Bok

Just click Framer Studio > Check for Updates in the menu to get the latest release.

JL Flores Mena

New editor looks beautiful! I love the new font and color scheme. Does this version got rid of the custom-framer-folder? I'm saving my project and now I get a normal folder.

Jorn van Dijk

Woops, we'll put it back! cc Jonas and Koen.

Chad Lonberger

Looks like a great release, awesome work guys. 👍🏻

Adria Jimenez

Amazing update! I've been using the inspector since they were released in the beta :)
My course has a full lesson explaining how to use the built in layer inspector in Framer Studio + the webkit layer inspector for a full layer debugging. Be sure to check it here:

Remember to use the coupon "framergroup" to get a discount :)

George Kedenburg III

JT DiMartile

Love the syntax highlighting update... nice work!

Isaac Weinhausen


David Ehlers


Matt Wujek

Thank you thank you thank you

Brian Saunders

Awesome. This is giving me way better context.

Nir Benita

Congrats! How can I get the update?

Giacomo Alonzi

Fantastci feature! Next step? Tabs for organize code better? Thank you!

Justin Mariano

Great update!!!

Jorn van Dijk

Nir, just check for updates from within Studio or download the trial from the site.

Nir Benita

Thanks Jorn, only took a second restart

Baisampayan Saha

too good....solves a lot of problem...:)

Parul Bhatti

>Tears of Joy< Thank you!

William Song

Attila Oláh

Sadly I don't have a Mac, but if I buy one Framer will be one of the reasons

Jacob Berlow

Andy Yang

You guys are crushing it. Keep up the great work.

Raphael D'Amico

Congrats guys! Can't wait to play with this!

Ed Bok

: good work!

Hassano Elmi

This is amaaaaazing! Thanks and great jon Koen Bok and team

Alan Dickinson

Awesome updates Koen & Jonas! -- After updating I'm having a weird problem with one of my framer projects though, the code loads but the live preview doesn't. The http server process CPU spikes up to 100%, and the inspector won't open, so I'm not sure how to troubleshoot. I haven't seen this problem with any framer projects I've opened.. Happy to send my project over email if that helps.

Sander Värv

When clicking on layer name in the panel, I would love to see the first reference to that layer name be highlighted in the code. On second click show the second reference etc. Am I the only one? :)

Greg Woods

This is an awesome addition. Loving it!

Koen Bok

Alan oh no. Please send me the project at [email protected] and I'll look into it.

Noam Elbaz

Thanks Framer Team. So far, the inspector tool has been a great help. nice addition.

Nicolas Elizaga

The inspector is wonderful! Any plans for simple on-the-fly property editing for layers? Or at least a connection between Framer's layer inspector and the Web Inspector? Additional ideas that would be helpful: the ability to do a quick search in the inspector list, and also collapse specific layer groups just to keep things cleaner :)

Antonio Krämer Fernandez

The layer inspector was a fantastic idea, great work! I guess that you had though discussion about the order of the layers… from bottom to top or from top to bottom… I see the idea behind showing the layers from bottom to top to visualize how they stack on each other. But everytime I have to twist my mind because In the code its just the other way around and yet sublayers are displayed under their superlayer, so its not all consistent … So here is my vote for turning the order around into top to bottom so it reflects the code. (or make it customizable) :)

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