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Rich Zarick
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Here's a sneak peek of something I'm working on - triggering the lights in my apartment with Framer, via Parse via IFTTT. It's ...a bit reckless with the number of linked platforms, but if you haven't seen the maker channel on IFTTT yet, it really opens up a ton of possibilities! Check it out.


Datta Saurabh

But how do you export from farmer studio into js files and html files to be hosted by a node server?

Giovanni Caruso

Nice. Done something similar with Framer + Firebase + Node.js and Arduino (reckless as well :) )

Ole Nagatis

this is critical info!

George Kedenburg III

Rich Zarick

George Kedenburg III couldn't have done it without your ridiculously helpful articles!!

Nick Kutateli

You should try a combination of websockets + Node-RED server. Probably the slickest solution for this kind of stuff.

Karim El-Kharraz

AbdelJalal Ait El

Rich Zarick

Nick Kutateli I'm planning to write up a post mortem of sorts, I'd be really interested to hear about any easier ways to get it done. Can you elaborate any more?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Can you talk about this at all on the 9th?

Rich Zarick

Oh yea absolutely!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Stephen / Chris - Lets have him talk about this? Think of the cool stuff you could do with things like this at a Disney theme park... having the park around you react to things you do on your mobile phone. You could hide some cool easter eggs in there.

Stephen Crowley

Rich you should totally share this!

Chris Camargo

Do eeeeet!

Rich Zarick

The Parse keys and cloud code wouldn't work unless I want you all controlling my lights. I'll write something up and share it out unless you don't need that stuff?

Nick Kutateli

Rich Zarick Sure! Websockets allows a live connection between a client and a server from the web. It's super easy to set up. There is a great intro to websockets here:

Node-RED is a Node.JS based server that lets you visually connect things for IoT. You can use Node-RED as a websocket server and then have it send the signal to an Arduino. You can run Node-RED on your machine, or if you're doing a more permanent installation you can run it on a Raspberry Pi and then have the Arduino connected to it.

So essentially you need a websocket client (Framer web app), websocket server (Node-RED), and a hardware controller (Node-RED + Arduino).

Nick Kutateli

It gets even more exciting if you're using a bluetooth enabled Arduino board ( is the easiest to use with Node-RED). You can have 1 server running on a Raspberry Pi running in your home that can control many different Arduino boards connected to different lights, devices, etc.

Rich Zarick

Oh hell yea, that's what I'm talking about! It's really interesting to see these possibilities pop up easily and connect hardware and software experiences. I'd love to see the framer community continue to embrace exploring functional experiences going forward!

Jordan Robert Dobson

^ yes. Agreed.

Sayid He


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