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Posted Jun 25 - Read on Facebook

i make schedule app prototype. my prototype plan is as follows.

scroll component -> touch layer -> extend width, height layer -> roll back scroll component

so i make prototype. oops!! i find two problem of prototype. first, my action is scroll but layer respond click action. and second problem is coordinate. Layer's superlayer is scroll componet, so layer's coordinate can't fix on the screen coordinate. this is my first code.

i solve to use this trick that problems.;;;; to use touch area and screenFrame method. When i touch layer, scroll component remove layer.
It is smooth. here is second my code.

but.......another problem comes up. ;; if include png source file in layer,
layer.width and layer.height animation is cause perfomrmance fall. Is there another good solution??!!


Josh Davis

I'm facing this problem too. Essentially I am trying to recreate iChat: scroll through your messages then click on the one you want to open it. It's proving difficult for something that should be quite easy.


Balraj Chana great sample file ~ thanks !!!!

Balraj Chana

You're welcome 이정익, have fun! :)

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