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Daniel Lee
Posted Jun 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, I've just started using Framer and I've run into a problem. I believe the solution is simple but I can't see it. I am basically trying to import group layers for photoshop and place them into scroll components. From there I am hoping I can scroll the different photoshop grouped layers. When I open example files it seems to work. I can't tell what I am doing wrong. I saw small success defining the imported layer as sublayer of new layer. Then wrapping the new layer into the scroll component. I ran into a problem with the new superlayers and how they overlapped. Is there a difference between importing from Photoshop vs Sketch? Is there more to prepping your photoshop file than just making layer groups? So sorry for the simple problem. I have just been scratching my head for a while.

What I am seeing at the result is:
I can scroll another layer which now sits on top of the photoshop import but doesn't scroll the actual photoshop import


Daniel Lee

exampleLayers3 = Framer.Importer.load "imported/example"

orangee =

orangeScroll = ScrollComponent.wrap(orangee)

Balraj Chana

Wrapping a PS group inside a scroll component requires a different technique compared to sketch. This is because canvases and masking techniques differ between the two platforms. You can find the solution here:

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