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Greg Woods
Posted Jun 24 - Read on Facebook

I'm loving framer studio. Can you suggest any courses that go beyond the basics please?


JT DiMartile

Not sure why the vids aren't up anymore, but that deck is a great start

Chris Camargo

This is recommended pretty consistently around here:

Plus, Adria Jimenez is a member of the group. :)

Adria Jimenez

Yes that's me :) and if you use the "framergroup" coupon you'll get a discount!!

Greg Woods

Adria Jimenez: I love your course and have already completed it. I also love the e-book by Tessa Thornton: Both are totally awesome and I continue to repeat devour them. I'd love top see other courses and more e-books where you guys run through further examples of cool animations, break them down and explain them in detail. There is def. a gap in the learning beyond beginner and further intermediate reference would bridge that gap well. Thanks for the other tips too guys,

Adria Jimenez

Nice, thanks for the suggestions. I'll include some break downs soon :)

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