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Justin Mariano
Posted Mar 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone,

I'm new to framer.js and framer studio, so far absolutely loving it for high fidelity prototyping! I had a quick question regarding producing a deliverable:

1. Is there any way to push out a framer project to function natively on an iOS device (has anyone done this)? I've previously used Adobe Edge with Phone Gap to push to iOS, but Edge gives you optimized HTML, CSS, JS, etc output whereas framer just kind of gives me a share link and files that can't be messed around with.

2. If not natively, can you store a framer project somehow on an iOS device so an internet connection is not needed to view it?

I'm working on a project where we need to deliver a prototype on the client's iPad. Must be accessible offline. We were originally going to use inVision, but the framer proto is way cooler. Thanks!


Justin Mariano

If anyone is interested, I figured it out one solution.

I can convert everything to the open source framework version of FramerJS, outside of framer studio.

So: download the file framework from GitHub, run the coffeescript inside framer studio through a compiler, then copy/paste the output into the app.js file. Copy all assets/images from the images folder over, along with any css as well. If all goes well, the framer project will exist as a standalone, locally accessible file structure that a dev team can easily push to iOS using phonegap.

Probably won't be a clear cut solution and will likely involve some head scratching, but it should work for the most part.

Justin Mariano

TO FRAMER STUDIO FOLKS - in short, make a package button please!

Philippe Côté

Framer JS, any development on such feature? I'm also looking forward to this. Thanks!

Koen Bok

So I have a little XCode project that you can wrap a Framer project in, but you'll have to setup XCode etc to deploy it. Another way is Frames which you can find on the app store.

Nick Kutateli

Koen Stack Has there been any thought on creating your own wrapper app like Frames combining with something like PhoneGap that also enables the use of things like the device microphone, camera, etc?

Marc Krenn

+1 wanted to ask this at the Q&A

Mike Feldstein

Possible to add a content manifest to run offline, and then you can add to your iOS home screen?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes get us more access to inputs APIS for our UI designs. Something that could access mic and camera would be rad.

Mike Johnson

I made a screencast for this a while back. Nicolas Elizaga even made a Gulp build script to automate parts of it.

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