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Chase Curry
Posted Jun 23 - Read on Facebook

So I have an event listener attached to a scroll component (on Events.Scroll), but it doesn't seem to be firing when I tell the scroll to scrollToClosestLayer(0.5, 0.5). Does that function somehow get ignored by the scroll event listener? Thanks in advance!


Chase Curry

Doesn't seem to work with "scroll.on Events.Move" either.

Chase Curry

using print scroll.scrollY, it looks like the scrollY remains static during scrollToClosestLayer, whereas it's updating while I'm scrolling around manually

Johannes Eckert

I noticed the same thing. You could try to do scroll.content.on "change:y" to get every time content is moving

Koen Bok

I have a list of scroll issues I'd like to fix and this is on it.

Chase Curry

Thanks for the response Koen ill try change:y in the meantime :)

Chase Curry

FYI- scroll.content.on "change:y" works fine in the interim. Thanks Johannes

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