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Wojtek Jodel
Posted Jun 22 - Read on Facebook

Hello there,

My first post here, nice to meet you all ;-) I am wondering if anyone tried to import Sketch documents with several nested masks inside? I'm having strange issue: Framer keeps trimming my document to the size of most inner mask, while it should take the outer. So, if I have [mask1[mask2]], my Framer workspace gets size & coords of mask2. Anyone have an idea how to overcome this?



Cemre Güngör

can you share your sketch file?

Wojtek Jodel

Please check out this file: There are two pages: "Page 1" shows problem with nested masks while "Page 2" is a result of not wrapping every layer in a group. If you try to import either of them into FramerJS, some parts will not be visible.

Wojtek Jodel

Koen Bok I've managed to work around this issue with changing masks/folders nesting, but I think it would be really nice if you could still look into this example, as in my opinion it may be some nasty bug in Sketch importing feature.

Koen Bok

Will do.

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