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Thomas Veit
Posted Jun 19 - Read on Facebook

I want to do something like pinterest's pin-animation. tab somewhere to show icons, and then touchmove to scale and move them a little.
This is what I have so far: (tab in the circle) but I can't think of a good way to scale/move them on touchmove... any ideas?


Ola Laurin

Do you have a link to what you are refering to? Can't find it in the Pinterest app.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You detect if the point is inside each circle...

Jordan Robert Dobson

This should give you what you want... on your
myLayer.on Events.TouchMove, (event, layer) -> ... Call Position.isPointInsideCircle(cartButton, event, layer) for each button you want to check... most likely with a for loop... and see if it returns true or false to react to the point inside the circle. :)

Thomas Veit

awesome, thank you very much Jordan! I'll try it!

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