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Poamrong Rith
Posted Jun 18 - Read on Facebook

Still pretty new, but I get a chance to sit next to all my devs today #Pickinbrains


Constantin Jacob

Please tell me that that is not your actual desktop. I'm so close to a heart attack right now...

Jason Valenti

^^^lol - right??

Stoyan Naydenov

First thing you'll learn from your devs... Keeping organized ;)

Dan Oreo Wong


Poamrong Rith


Constantin Jacob

Dan Oreo Wong only fucking Windows feature that I miss (by not being default) on OS X :p I have it enabled on all my machines but only on the desktop. Also I have max. of 10 items on the desktop

Samuel Beek

Do you guys know clean? Simple app that cleans your desktop everyday. I've been using it for a few months now and love it (except for it's icon)

Constantin Jacob

I believe this is more a discipline thing than a "I don't have the correct tools for this problem" thing.

Nothing against him or anyone who can works like this but I just couldn't.

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