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Patryk Sobczak
Posted Jun 18 - Read on Facebook

For some reason my scrollable layers have a weird blue overlay. What's the issue here?


Derek Mack

Set the backgroundColor of the layer to "none"

Patryk Sobczak

thanks Derek, but that doesn't help – it removes the blue overlay, but along with the image below it

Jorn van Dijk


Patryk Sobczak

worked like a charm, thanks!

Alexander King

The default background color for a new layer will be blue, presumably so that you can see that it's there. I always set mine to 'transparent' if it doesn't need a background color. You can also set it to any color value.

Caitlin Charniga

You might also be able to use "new BackgroundLayer" as opposed to "new Layer". This will make them transparent.

Patryk Sobczak
Jorn van Dijk


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