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Arron J Hunt
Posted Oct 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framer people, wanted to share a demo of my weekend project. I'm attempting to re-create the Facebook Paper interface. Running into a few problems with the shrinking timeline and photo events, but it's coming along nicely.


Mauro Sicard Salcedo

Wow, it looks great!

Andrew Nalband


Josef Richter

Share it. This should go among demos on Framer website..

Arron J Hunt

Thanks Josef. There's a few interaction bugs that I'm working on sorting out (events firing when they shouldn't) but I'll post the github repo this week :)

Steven Guo

can you share it, thanks much

Benjamin Den Boer

Nice work! Would love to play around with the .framer. :-)

Arved Baumgärtner

Yes, shared github link or .framer file would be totally AWESOME!

Marc Krenn

Awesome work! Paper can't get enough love and praise, IMO.

(and Our Holiness thinks so as well)

Imagine if - all buttons, tab- and navigation-bars etc. aside - the iPhone launched with such an inspirational app like Paper ...

Arron J Hunt

Steven Benjamin Arved, sorry guys this was back in June and I don't have the project any more. I'll try to recreate it and share though :)

Steven Guo

Thanks a lot again,I have a great need of it

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