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Johannes Eckert
Posted Jun 12 - Read on Facebook

why do I have access to the layer that emits the event when I use Events.Click but not with Events.ScrollStart? Result for is "undefined"


Jordan Robert Dobson

Have you tried @ inside instead of layer? Also, I believe the event object should have the target.

Johannes Eckert

who knew. that worked. It's a mystery to me what objects are available, like (event, layer) and in what order. I should probably learn about that :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah... sometimes... I just keep adding argument vars (event, layer, newVal, newVal2, ...) to see what's there...

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think Chris Camargo - Was who I saw that used the @ in that way... I showed him the layer arg and he told me... why not just use @. I didn't really have a good reason. :P

Jordan Robert Dobson

A lot of these are mapped to what you would be back from a traditional event in Javascript using mouseMove, touchStart... etc. so it's good to inspect them and see what's inside every now and then... there maybe useful things in there you can use.

Chris Camargo

Johannes, when you get those objects figured out, let me know. ;)

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