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James Roberts
Posted Jun 12 - Read on Facebook

When i'm working in Sketch my mock-ups are based on my preview devices at 100%. For example artboard size 375x677 to make it easy to design for iPhone 6. But when I come to move onto prototyping, i usually have to take that design, create a new document in sketch and scale it up for Framer... How does everyone else's workflow work?


Balraj Chana

Hey James, it's quite common for designers to work with screen sizes rather than resolutions. Framer renders the iPhone 6 at 2x automatically. If you're designing an app for iPhone 6, you'd typically size the artboard at 750px x 1334px rather than at 1x or half the resolution. You can use the zoom features if it helps.

If you still prefer to work with 1x, you can easily scale the artboard up to 2x by selecting your artboard -> edit -> scale -> 200%.

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