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Posted Jun 12 - Read on Facebook

hello. all
nowadays I have been trying to prototype a app called 29cm with framer.js. This 29cm app is a shopping app that was awarded a reddot prize for good interaction and design. Now, I am trying to prototype the main display for the app. To make this app, I used javascript’s inbuilt function called ontime. Also, i have used svg to make a moving arrow. I used svg because when i swipe the display, i would like the arrow to change color but as it is an image , it wasnt possible. I tried to use css to make the arrow but it wasnt possible.
so i used svg.

However, there are two problems that i cannot solve. 1) If i want to scroll up the page, time, plus, arrow have to also scrolled up. So I used scroll.scrollY, but I can’t read scroll.scrollY coordinates. I tried to print scroll.scrollY but 0 is shown. LOL
2) I want to change time, plus, arrow’s color using array’s color data.
If i swipe the main display, i would like to change the arrow's with pageData's color value, but it cannot be done.

I would be much appreciated if you could give me some tips.