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Rizki Mardita
Posted Jun 12 - Read on Facebook

how i can change "story1,story2,story3" html text with another html text like "Home, About, Contact us". anyone can help me. i'm refer from this example from medium


Taylor Rogalski

here is a hint. good luck

Rizki Mardita

I have tried, but everything changes with the same name. I can't to change with "Home,about,contact us".

Taylor Rogalski

Why do you think that might be? Note that the example has differences in its tab names (1, 2, 3) - how do you think they're able to do that?

Taylor Rogalski

I'm not trying to be difficult, by the way - I've just found in the past that I learn much more from "teach a man to fish" advice than "give a man a fish" advice

JinJu Jang

You may need to create an Array, add "home, about, contact us" as its children.

And write a loop to assign each item to each tab.

The other way will be more labor intensive, but easier for you. Use Utils.labelLayer(layer Layer object, text string) to add text on each tab:)

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