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Chris Chiusano
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

I'm having issues with the ScrollComponent.wrap. I can click and drag the layer but it keeps snapping back into it's original place. I've tried looking at the Framer template but not sure where i'm going wrong...


Balraj Chana

Hey Chris, is the content clipped? Are you using an art board? Are you using sketch? If so would it be possible to screen grab your layers list?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Chris Camargo - is that your issue again?

Chris Chiusano

I'm using an artboard and sketch. Here is a shot of my layer list

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think it's a timing issue... Look for Chris Camargo's post and solution. I think Tisho Georgiev helped him with it.

Chris Camargo

Hmm... My issue in particular was with PageComponent, because it has internal methods that change it's position, which I was competing with. It's hard to tell what the parallel would be without seeing Chris Chiusano's prototype. Still, worth a look:

Balraj Chana

I see :) Try removing the artboard and make sure the background for the content group is used as a mask

Shawn Elson

Thank you thank you thank you Balraj Chana! Using a mask/no artboard is not documented anywhere and that's the problem I was having.

Balraj Chana

You're welcome Shawn, anytime! :)

Koen Bok

Cc Benjamin we can document this better, I think.

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