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JT DiMartile
Posted Jun 12 - Read on Facebook

We're trying to create a prototype screen recording, and would like to show a different cursor on press so it's clear you've pressed in the video. Has anyone already done work to customize cursors in response to different events?


Balraj Chana

You can just use Quicktime screen recording -> down chevron (next to record button) -> show mouse clicks in recording. A circle appears around the cursor when you trigger a click.

If you want to do this in Framer, you can switch to the progress cursor on click:

John Grendon Enderby

Use screen flow. It will allow you to change the cursor to whatever image you like and turn it on or off too :)

Noah Levin

Benjamin Den Boer has done some cool things for this before

Fran Pérez

Sometimes the simplest solution… :P

Zoltan Ray

Fran Pérez's witchcraft: body:active {
cursor: url('images/icon-framer.png') 39 39, auto;

Min-Sang Choi

+1 with Fran

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