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Sergey Voronov
Posted Jun 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi framers) i am beginner, so need some help, i am working with pages created in array, how i can work directly with page with defined index, something like page[index].html="bla"


Balraj Chana

Hey Sergey, if you want to edit the HTML property or assign different values to any element inside an array, you have to use a for in loop:

Sergey Voronov

thanx but still can't understand, i need to work with page with certain index. for example i have array of 5 pages and want to change one of the properties of page 4, or assign image to it, or anything like that my code is in the image attached, how can i address to page number 3 for example?

Balraj Chana

I don't see an array in your code example. What is the name of the array that holds the pages? An example of what you are trying to do can be found the docs:

I've provided another example of how to use an array with a conditional statement: If you don't want to use a loop, you can target a specific array element using array[0].html = "First Page"

You can learn more about coffeescript basics here:

Sergey Voronov

thanx for the sample, solves my problem)

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