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Caitlin Charniga
Posted Jun 11 - Read on Facebook

I'm running into an interesting problem with a prototype I want to make. Basically, I have a top nav (white), and then a sub nav (black). The sub nav is halfway down the page. What I want to happen is that once the black subnav hits the white main nav, it becomes fixed. Would I solve this with some type of if/then statement? Something like if the sub nav is at a certain y position, it's superlayer is removed and it's y position changes/becomes fixed?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Caitlin Charniga - you could indeed solve this by detecting the scrolling distance using if/else statements. If you could send me the example file, I'd be happy to take a look for you. :-)

Caitlin Charniga

Benjamin Den Boer thanks! Messaging you the zipped file now.

Arvi Raquel-Santos

Would y'all mind sharing the final? I'd love to see how this works.

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