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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Sep 26 - Read on Facebook

You can now create vertical sliders with the SliderComponent! Simply set change the width and height, and the slider will update accordingly. To illustrate, I’ve created a new example. It’s a scrollable and sortable list of people from our Community here, included as a module. Check out the video below and see it live here:

Make to sure to use the latest Framer version (File → Update Framer) and you’re good to go. Hope this helps.

(Chad Lonberger, Sergio Majluf & Noah Levin now you can!)


Jorn van Dijk


Sergio Majluf

One thing is to have an awesome product. Another one is to have a great community. And yet a different one is great a developer team. We've got all of them!

Peter Hilgersom


Chad Lonberger

Nice work!

Fran Pérez

Niiiice :)

George Otsubo

Whoa....this is sweet but it looks like it's rendering @2x on mobile

Benjamin Den Boer

George Otsubo - it's designed to be previewed on the Nexus 5, so you're seeing its native resolution there. :-)

George Otsubo

Benjamin Den Boer ah got it thanks!

Duncan Crozier

This is awesome guys thank you


very nice

Kevin Cannon

Super cool. However, i'm finding it acts weirdly, or not at all. Here's a simple example that doesn't work.

Slappy White

I'm having the same vertical slider issues as Kevin Cannon

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