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Giacomo Alonzi
Posted Jun 10 - Read on Facebook

Hello Everybody, this days i've spent many hour on framer and i've found some limits between sketch and framer, but i hope this is only a fruit of my "incopetence" lol

1: if i make a layer with borderRadius = 100 in sketch, in framer i can't modify the borderRadius right?

2: the layers made in sketch are not indexed in relationship with layers made in framerjs right??

3: one layers made in sketch, can't work like clip for a layer made in framer js?

i hope you help me to solve this questions!
Thank you! :)


Cemre Güngör

1. So all the attributes you set in sketch (border radius, color, blur..) all get exported as static images. So yes, you can't change it in framer.

2. I'm not sure what you mean by you can re-import and new layers you made in sketch will appear.

3. You can make masks in sketch and framer will import therm

Giacomo Alonzi

Thank You:)

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