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Ash Adamson
Posted Jun 10 - Read on Facebook

Framer Sessions SF 02 photos! If you'd like a recap and shared lessons from mentors, join the newsletter list on the eventbrite

Big thanks to our mentors! Koen Bok, Tisho Georgiev, Jon Gold, Cemre Güngör, George Kedenburg III, Noah Levin, Peter Ng, Mike Feldstein, Fran Pérez.


Akash Soti

This looks like great fun!

Mike Feldstein

It was! Great to meet everyone and it was exciting seeing people level up.

Preston Lee Turner Jr.

Come to Houston TX

Ash Adamson

Preston, if you guys want support to start a framer sessions in Houston down for that!

Preston Lee Turner Jr.

@Ben Adamson, that would be great! I've been learning swift for some time now, so I'm looking to add a little js to things

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