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Koen Bok
Posted Jul 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framer teachers and students! Because we had a few meetups this week we worked on a few nice, but simple examples that you can rebuild while you are teaching Framer. They are all simple things that focus on something specific, but patterns that you will use a lot in everyday prototyping. And they look good :-)

This is just the beginning of building a repository of teaching materials. There is so much out there, and with more and more meetings coming up it just makes sense to organize it a bit. Some next things that will come up are a simple teaching class format description, and step by step overviews of how to work through some of the examples. Ideas, other examples and pull requests are very welcome.



Koen Bok

Also thanks Ben and Giel for their work on the examples.

Koen Bok

Cc Jordan Robert Dobson handy for your first Seattle meetup?

Johannes Eckert

First class! Thank you so much!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks! Callil & Stephen - check out the list.

Akash Soti

Thanks for the awesome stuff guys!

Henny Breijer

Interesting stuff Koen Bok !!

Stephen Crowley

Yes, this is great! Thanks Koen! Beers on me when you visit :)

Kevin Cannon

Very cool

Yorgos Man

Harsha Vardhan R Juan Real Kate Pincott

Cee Chang

Very awesome workshop! Thanks everyone who had put this together!!!!

Yao Nan

Great work folks

Stephen Crowley

Ryan Smith let's chat about using these specific examples for August.

Antonio Krämer Fernandez

Great! I'm starting to give Framer Workshops for beginners with no coding experience and was wondering what your teaching experience is. What are the essentials for the first steps and should be part of the first lession? I will definitely use those examples!

Koen Bok

We're close to publishing a document that outline how to setup your own Framer session, based on the previous ones /cc Ben

Jacky Lee

This will be great for first Auckland meetup too! Thanks :)

Stephen Crowley

First draft I saw looked good! Has great info to get you started with a solid structure.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Awesome. Stephen Crowley send it my way.

Adria Jimenez


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