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Alejandro Cámara López
Posted Jun 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone!

I'm struggling with this animation, because from what I recall you can't modify text with framer ¿or can I?

When you press the first card, the background fills the whole view and the title moves upwards, gets bigger and align: center.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Alejandro Cámara López - this is actually already possible. We have a new Utils that is technically still in beta, but works well for this sorta thing. It's called "Utils.textSize". You can use it to dynamically update the width and height of a layer, based on the fontSize and amount of text contained within. Here is a little example of animating text while simultaneously animating the fontSize. :-)


Alejandro Cámara López

Tried out and worked perfectly!!

Thank you very much Benjamin Den Boer

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