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James Caruso
Posted Jun 10 - Read on Facebook

Anyone noticing an issue with image heavy prototypes not reloading? Having to re-start Framer to get my preview back online. Thoughts?


Koen Bok

Maybe this is a bug I just fixed. Check for latest updates.

James Caruso

Hmmm...I just checked for updates and it's telling me I'm all up to date. I'm running v. 1.11.363

JL Flores Mena

But everything is fine once you re-start Framer right? This has happened to me a few times, but I have to say that I'm really pushing Framer with this project I'm working on. I have several images with a height of +3000px, so I have to restart Framer maybe twice per day but that's it.

James Morris

I've had this problem a few times today. Having to restart Framer Studio to get my project moving again. Not too heavy on the images either.

Koen Bok

If anyone runs into this, can you check and send me any Framer Studio output? I'd love to investigate this.

Johannes Eckert

I don't have that issue, but I am working on a desktop prototype at retina size and some of my scrolling pages are PNG at over 30MB that piece. I know framer is recognizing slice settings when importing, but maybe the artboard scale and JPG setting would be good to be recognized, too

Koen Bok

Yeah good one. We actually had that in Photoshop. I'll talk to the skecth guys.

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