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Julio Radesca
Posted Jun 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys.
Quick question: when I import a sketch file to Framer Studio, whatever part of a shape/layer/image that is not visible on the artboard (say a circle that is halfway into the artboard), it gets clipped on Framer Studio (I get a semi-circle). Is that a way to prevent this from happening?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Julio Radesca - ah, yes. Using regular layer masks instead of Artboards will prevent the layers from being imported as already clipped. They'll get imported wholly, with the clipping applied within Framer, while remaining adjustable.

Julio Radesca

Thank you Benjamin Den Boer. So I should have only one artboard in my sketch file, is that is? Also, i wasn't using any mask. The shape was just out of the artboard (but within it's folder structure within sketch)

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Julio Radesca - yeah. Instead of using an Artboard, you could use a simple mask within the layer group that contains all layers.

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