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Sumul Shah
Posted Jun 08 - Read on Facebook

So I have a nice prototype of a web app done in Framer Studio, and I'm getting ready to implement it in real HTML, CSS, and JS. Any tips on going from Framer 3 spring physics animations to CSS keyframes or some production-ready JS?

Back in the Framer 2 days, it was relatively straightforward (see and

I love Framer Studio, but I'm pretty much stuck at this point. I'd hate to lose my painstakingly crafted springy animations by trying to approximate them with CSS cubic beziers.

I've spent the afternoon digging through the inspector, the generated code, and the internets to no avail. If there's something I'm missing, a nudge in the right direction would really make my day.


Koen Bok

Check out Velocity.js. I helped them implement the exact same physics as Framer.

Sumul Shah


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