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Giacomo Alonzi
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

Hello framer community, i'm newbie on framer!
Today i spent my time to do something w/ framer and i have made this!
but i've found the gap with the FAB shadow i wanna decrease his opacity when it was expanded. Any suggestion? :)


Balraj Chana

Hey! You're trying to animate the buttonFAB.shadowColor which holds a string value. The easiest way of going about this is to change the shadowY/Blur/Spread states as Framer currently only supports numerical properties: That's why the shadow state change is choppy. I'm sure there are ways of animating the opacity but it may require a workaround.

Here's an example of animating the shadow by reducing the Y/Blur/Spread vaues:

Giacomo Alonzi

Balraj Chana ohhhh thank you dude! :D

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