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Greg Woods
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I was wondering if you were planning to add any more android tablet devices please. The Samusung galaxy tab range for example.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Greg Woods - I'd love to hear your suggestions! Please feel free to send them to [email protected]. While we're also always considering which devices to add ourselves, our users (you) play a major role in helping us discover which are the most popular platforms / most wanted devices to include in future updates. :-)

Greg Woods

Hi Benjamin, Thanks for your reply. I will send this through to you for your consideration. Am I right in concluding that there is only Nexus 9 for google tablet at the moment?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Greg Woods - thank you. Yes, that's currently the only Android Tablet device included.

Jeff Crow

Could there just be a selection of 6-8 of the most popular Android devices? The current selection is pretty bare, especially stacked up against every single iOS device in every color.

Koen Bok

Anyone knows how to get some high res Android device artwork?

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