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Thomas Salah
Posted Jun 05 - Read on Facebook

Hello framers!!!
I am new to framer.
I have played around and managed to create simple prototype.
But I am not sure how to transfer or use the prototype code to a production website or app?

Do I need to rewrite the JS or can I reused the prototype code as it is.
Can I inject the layer created by framer as a body or div background for example??

could you point me out to reads, tutorial or share your experience.

Sorry if it is a stupid or an already answered question.
many thanks


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Thomas Salah - so Framer is optimised for rapid prototyping, meaning that browser support is not necessarily a goal, whereas performance is. This means that while your prototypes work great on Chrome, Safari, iOS and Android, we don't support all browsers and platforms. You can upload entire .framer prototypes online though, and share them with others as well. No need to rewrite the JavaScript. You can include entire .framer projects as <iframe>'s as well, yes. In the background, you can see that Framer also creates <div>'s for you, representing Framer layers. Hope this helps a bit. :-)

Thomas Salah

that's great thank you very much. i ll experiment with it more and share as soon as i get something nice to show!!

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