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Kelvin Leung
Posted Jun 14 - Read on Facebook

Hi, everyone. I'm a beginner to Framer. I'm learning to use Sketch and Framer for prototyping. When I try to import my Sketch file into Framer, I only get a quarter size of it. How should I set my artboard? I'm using the default iPhone 6 artboard (@1x, 375x667) and iPhone 6 for preview.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Kelvin Leung - Framer previews your projects in the native resolution of the device. Sketch Artboards now are sized at @1x by default, but you'll need to work in @2x for Framer. We've made a bunch of Starter Templates too → - and they're all correctly sized at the native device resolutions. Also check the section on Sketch Tips to learn more about how Artboards get imported in Framer →

Hope this helps. :-)

Bart Simons

Just scale this sketch artboard by 200% and start your new projects at @2x.

Bart Simons

Oh benjamin's reply didn't show up before I commented, he explained it better than I did haha

Kelvin Leung

thx Benjamin Den Boer Bart Simons

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