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Marco Kapitän
Posted Jun 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi there,
can you recommend any good starter tutorial for using FramerJS with Sketch? How to set Artboards (right sizing, etc.) and how to point those groups in artboards, etc.

The Learn Section doesn’t really help with the essential things (like when my Sketch artboard is set for iPhone 6S I have to scale the artboard to 3x and center it etc. again to get it into a unsharp fullscreen :/ )


Kelvin Leung

this artboard thing also confuses me

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Käptn Marco - have a look at the Sketch Tips section to learn more about how Artboards work with Framer → or download the Artboards Template (or the Starter Templates) to play around with it yourself →

If you're still confused, I'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve the sections here. Also, Framer previews your projects in the native resolution of the device, while Sketch Artboards now are sized at @1x by default, you'll need to work in @2x for Framer. All of the templates are correctly sized at the native device resolutions, though, so these serve as great starting points. :-)

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