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Michael Dorian Bach
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

I can't ever get clipping to work when trying to import from Sketch 3.3.1 Mac App Store version. Is their a trick to getting this to work? I've followed the exact directory structure as shown in the sample file.

-- gallery
----- slider (Has multiple images that extend beyond the artboard)
----- content (mask for slider)

slider gets imported but doesn't clip. It gets cropped to be the width of the artboard. In this case 750 for iPhone 6. I would like it to extend beyond the screen so I can have items off screen to scroll to.

Any help would be great.


Michael Dorian Bach

Layer structure

Balraj Chana

You have to remove the 'Story' artboard (use inifinite canvas) otherwise Framer will clip all overflow. That's why it's not working. Set the position of the screen folder to x: 0, y: 0 as shown in the scrollable template here: After that it should work.

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