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Ken Miura
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

Hi ! So, we make apps with UI like what's in the video (this one isn't made using Framer, but it is actually done in a different Javascript based app platform). I just wanted to see if I can prototype stuff like this in Framer for my engineer. For you Framer ninjas out there, what do you think the effort is to recreate something like this?


Josef Richter

Cannot see anything that couldn't be done in Framer. Bit tedious, but still matter of days I'd say. But I'm not a ninja :-)

Ken Miura

oh cool. I'd love to try it. it would make our dev process much faster! It took a lot of back and forth with our engineers to get to the interaction we wanted, so a more visual tool would make things a lot easier.

Koen Bok

Yeah definitely doable. Bit it's a pretty big app, so I'd say a few days if you're good with Framer, if you want to get everything right.

Chad Lonberger

Definitely possible.. Based on my experience building large projects with similar patterns: clean structure/organization will be important as well as some custom drag handling to capture which gestures should be firing and where things should snap to on release. Will also get rid of the jitter in your current prototype. Pushing food items into a simple json data model (each item's name, img, desc, price, etc) will make your life a lot easier also.

Ken Miura

Thanks Chad, Koen, Josef. I'm thinking perhaps it isn't always practical to try to build the entire whole of something like this, but being able to prototype each of the transitions could help us immensely in terms of communication.

Ken Miura

Chad, thanks for your insight! Yes, we actually ended up implementing a json model for the data, which is making things more practical now!

Josef Richter

Well, it's a very custom non-standard UI, so maybe it might make sense to prototype the shit out of it. You will spend days making it, but your developers will spend *months* developing it (I promise) – better find out whether users like it, before you spend fortune on development..

Ken Miura

Josef great insight. Thanks! I happen to be blessed with a developer who can implement this stuff in half the time of most guys (he's been doing this type of UI, from pre-iPhone era), but your point about user testing is really important. We did run a test in a restaurant for a week for that menu UI, and most liked it except for a few things that needed tweaks. The problem with testing new interaction paradigm is that it has to be near "real", but making it that real takes effort. So that's why Framer might be interesting for us.

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