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Patrick Lenz
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

Grüezi :)

I'm relatively new to Framer and have a strange issue when importing my designs from Sketch to Framer Studio:
When importing, all my designs are looking fuzzy and a little bit pixelated. My sketch files are @2x and I even tried a @4x version but still getting the same issue. Does anybody have similar problems or can help me fixing it?


Gabriel Lovato

What's your zoom level in Framer studio set to ? If it's set to fit your window size, it will probably look like that from the resize... Try changing to 100% ou 50%

Ben Adam

I am having the same issue

Patrick Lenz

The problem is also there if the zoom is set to 100% or 50% :/

Jason Nelson

Try running your prototype in Chrome vs. Safari. Does that make a difference for you?

Ed Chao

In my experience, Framer has weird image handling when you append "@2x" to the file. Try saving the file without the suffix and refreshing Framer.

Koen Bok

Hey yeah this is odd. NSImage handles the files differently with an @2x extension and scales them down. I'll look into this.

Patrick Lenz

Since I'm importing my designs from Sketch using Framer Studio I don't use the @2x-Suffix. But still have this Problem :(

Jason Nelson

Did you check the exported files in a photo editor to check and see if they look ok there? If so, and they look ok, I would try running your prototype in chrome and see if the problem persists. I’ve run into weird scaling issues with Safari.

Koen Bok

Patrick any chance you could send the Sketch file to support? I'd like to inspect it.

Patrick Lenz

I noticed that the assets in imported/Sketch Name/images are not the same size as I applied it in Sketch. I tried the "Retina-Canvas"-settings in Sketch but without success.

Sketch file for download:

Koen Bok

cc Jonas Treub

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