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Caitlin Charniga
Posted Jun 02 - Read on Facebook

How would I go about changing where the animations begin? Right now everything just flies in from the top left.


Jonas Treub

You can change the x and y values before you start the animation

Stephen Crowley

Also, in animation properties moving it back to x=0,y=0

Brandon Souba

I think you mean layer.originX. This will let you control where the animation starts from. Example: Your animation is starting from layer.originX = 0, layer.originY= 0 If you want to change where it starts, then change that number anything between 0 and 1. If you want it to start from the top middle, you would set it to layer.originX = .5, layer.originY = 0

Stephen Crowley

Ah- yup! Thanks for the correction Brandon.

Hassan Chihab

Good job

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