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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Mar 20 - Read on Facebook

New example! A simple video player. You can scrub the progress of the video, as well as pause and play it. Learn how to combine Dragging events, the SliderComponent and the “timeupdate” Video method.


David Lee


Melissa McWilliams


Wendell Dejelo


Arvi Raquel-Santos

Killing it with all of these examples. Thanks so much!

Alex Steven

Great work, thanks!

Jens Nikolaus

Fantastic, thanks for sharing!

Kyle Gardner

Thanks for this Benjamin! New to Framer and am trying to work this in right now but I'm getting an error and it seems like its coming from this chunk of code: (error goes away when i remove chunk)

vid.player.on "timeupdate", ->

progress.knob.midX = progress.pointForValue(this.currentTime)
time.html = "0:0" + Math.round(this.currentTime)
if Math.round(this.currentTime) > 9 then time.html = "0:" + Math.round(this.currentTime)

I've tried in my prototype and in a test environment and am getting the same problem?! Some help would be appreciated!! Thanks

George Kedenburg III

Kyle try going to File -> Update Framer and see if that fixes it

Kyle Gardner

Thanks George, but no such luck! Same thing :/

Kyle Gardner

Answer was on another post, changing top line from screenshot above to vid.player.addEventListener "timeupdate", ->
fixes the problem!

Peter Kubin

this fix worked for me too!

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