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Jaime De Ascanio
Posted Jun 02 - Read on Facebook

Hello guys, I don't understand why the first block of code hides the layer but the second doesn't. Any tips? Thanks


Koen Bok

This is a classic closures problem, one of the harder parts about js:

TLDR; change your handlers to:

layer.on Events.Click, (event, layer) ->

Jaime De Ascanio

Koen Bok thanks for your quick response, I just tried this and still does not work

Koen Bok

Allmost, let me make you an example.

Joon Won Lee

this.animate > layer.animate

Jaime De Ascanio

Koen Bok thanks! that worked! but it is wierd that only works if I put the "allLayers = []" at the bottom but i already have it declared on the top of the document

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