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Calvin Wilson
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey all,

I was working on some bar chart stuff today and thought I'd share. Still working on smoothing out the timing and adding some real data soon.



John Lee

Koen Bok any news on a possible graph module? Seems to be a big pain point for some users, including me!

John Lee

Awesome work! Anything recent on graphs you'd like to share Calvin Wilson

Koen Bok

A graph module is a whole project by itself, so I think we won't be doing that for a while.

John Lee

Would have been cool to also give a reading like this implementation:

Benjamin Den Boer

Really cool.

Jay Stakelon

There it is

Koen Bok

Oh, I bet people would love a little graph module in Framer.

Tijmen van Alphen


Nick Dazé

Too legit

Calvin Wilson

Thanks everyone! Koen Bok Totally 😏

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