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Ash Adamson
Posted Jun 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone! Framer Sessions 02 is a go w Koen Bok!

Please rsvp or sign up for the newsletter if you'd like to get the learning resources after the event :)


Mike Feldstein

Does the mentor tickets mean you're looking for more mentors, or is it just for the people you have listed?'

Ash Adamson

Mike, for people who'd like to mentor for this event :)

Mike Feldstein

cool! I'd love to help. Did regular admission really just sell out in 7 minutes?

Ash Adamson

that'd be awesome! yeah, please join us, and i'll add you to the lineup.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Dang Ben - That thing sold out quick... you should have asked for $1 so it's more likely people will show?

Ken Miura

ah, really wanted to go, but it's all gone...wait list? Just signed up for the e-mail list for now

Stephanie Parrott

Dang. Not quick enough! Will any more spots open up?

Joe Hsia

I would have pay to go. Hoping for more open spots

Ilie Ciorba

So is there a waitlist or something? Would really want to join!

Joey Banks

Awesome can't wait!

German Bauer

This being sold out so quickly, I wonder if these sessions could be YouTube'd in the future.

Fran Pérez

Hey Ben, I just signed up as mentor :)

Nicolas Russo-Larsson

Yeah that would be awesome if you guys streamed the talks! ^^

Ash Adamson

Working on it guys, will have more info soon if I can open up more spots.

Ash Adamson

Sorry to say, I got the final word, we're full guys.

Fran Pérez

Ben, what does that mean for the ones we signed up as mentors?

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